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HI, I’M MICHELLE… I help people who feel stuck, overwhelmed and or lacking in self-belief to reset their mindset, create better structure and reconnect with themselves so that they can be thriving and using their full potential.

When your health takes a back step, yet you need the energy from daily exercise, good sleep and eating well, then life throws more curve balls, i KNOW it can be tough. Sometimes you just need a pep talk and clarity on your next direction. I hear you. You see, things were going relatively well in life for me when life threw me some challenging curve balls. Within a few short months I found myself flat on my back in hospital with a life threatening health issue, my father who had been suffering from dementia (another challenging journey in itself) passed away and to top it off my relationship ended suddenly. All alongside working, creating, building up my own consultancy biz.  I was devastated. I felt lost, stuck and my energy, self-belief plummeted. 


Then one day, whilst I was on my regular morning walk along the beach feeling in the depths of despair I knew it was an opportunity to up level my life and biz learning how crisis can be turned into creation. This was the beginning of my personal transformation - an absolute reset and launch into a soul lead business that lights up my heart and brings happiness to me. I love guiding, helping, watching people move forward evolving in life in a valuable, positive, authentic way. This transformation is what I can help you do.  

Click here for a discovery call to share your story with me how life kicked you in the face and took way your innate confidence. Let's get this back for you because you deserve to be using your full potential and thriving in life and business.

Connect here to book a free 20 minute inspiration call.
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