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"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better"
 Albert Einstein


Creator of Wolfe & World




You want better well-being so you can be fully functioning in your business life? You want to evolve and move forward in life in a way that feels right for you; using your strengths, skills, personality, uniqueness as a whole both at work and play? You want to create a future where you feel better connected to yourself and others, enabling you be freer and have more time for enriching life experiences? 

Wolfe & World connects people to what brings them joy, liberates them, cultivates a deeper sense of self and connection and cultivates greater snenergy between work life and well-being. Using nature, photography, and other coaching tools to guide people to feel a sense of calmness, clarity, connection and creativity so they can move forward in life in a valuable, positive way. 

Michelle the creator of Wolfe & World has had many enriching life experiences through travel (her best education) and being immersed in many different cultures (work & play) around the world over the past 28 years. Deepening her sense of understanding business, people and the world, along with the creative and coaching tools learn't along the way; Photography in Coaching & Personal Development ICF, The Science of Well-being Yale University, NZ Breakthrough Life Coaching, NZ Art & Design. Valuing the connection to nature and the benefits it can have to us, especially in times of coping with stress and dealing with challenges that life throws at us. Life has many ebbs and flows and seasons of time - some long and some short lived.

Wolfe & World's objective is to - inspire people to carve out more meaningful pathways for themselves that support a happier, healthier, wealthier life. Helping break down people's barriers and reveal a world that is more true to them. Granting permission for people to do things differently to the norm. Guiding people to connect in with their untapped potential, championing them on.  Focusing on what's doable not what's damaged.


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