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you deserve to be living your full potential thriving in life & business 

Hi Michelle here the creator of Wolfe & World's Bespoke Life & Wellbeing Coaching. Guiding people who feel stuck, overwhelmed lacking in self belief to reset their mindset, reset their structure and reconnect with themselves - so that they can be thriving and using their full potential whilst living a joyful life.

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do you want greater wellbeing so you can be better functioning in your business life?

If you are feeling scattered in a mess, lacking joy, overwhelmed with all there is to do and really can't get your ducks in a row.


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feeling stuck and overwhelmed?

Feel lighter, calmer and gain clarity to move forward in your life direction.  

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struggling with self doubt?

You are awesome, I help people to recognise their X factor so they can bring their best selves to the world. I will always be your greatest champion.


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Become unstuck and watch your world Transform 


hi, I'm MIchelle pesonal consultant, fun free-spirited & adventure aspirant, empowered survivor committed to guiding you to believe in yourself & reset your lifestyle. you deserve to reach your full potential and thrive in life and business

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Creator of Wolfe & World

Inspiring people
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 Provided clarity, focus and framework for growth & development. Great investment in yourself.


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I recommend Michelle as a LIfe & Wellbeing Coach. I found our sessions really beneficial. I always left with enhanced clarity, peace and plan of action.

I loved the implementation of photography a lot. The photographs Michelle used with me were very beautiful, and they allowed deeper insight and bigger discoveries 😊 Thank you Michelle


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More focused on things that make a difference. Our management team had excellent feedback and seem happier


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